The XLamp XM-L LED is the industry’s highest performance, single-die white lighting-class LED. The XLamp XM-L is 20% more efficient than the XLamp XP-G at the same current, and can deliver 1000 lumens with 100 lumens per watt efficacy. The XLamp XM-L LED offers Cree’s industry-leading features: wide viewing angle, symmetrical package, unlimited floor life and electrically neutral thermal path.

XLamp XM-L LEDs can enable LED light into new applications that require tens of thousands of lumens, such as high bay and highoutput area lighting. The XM-L is also the ideal choice for lighting applications where high light output and maximum efficacy are required, such as LED light bulbs, automotive lighting, outdoor lighting, portable lighting, indoor lighting and solar-powered lighting.

  • Maximum drive current: 3000 mA
  • Low thermal resistance: 2.5 °C/W
  • Maximum junction temperature: 150 °C
  • Viewing angle: 125°
  • Available in cool white, 80-CRI minimum neutral white and 80-CRI, 85-CRI, and 90-CRI warm white
  • ANSI-compatible chromaticity bins
  • Unlimited floor life at < 30 °C/85% RH
  • Reflow solderable - JEDEC J-STD-020C
  • Electrically neutral thermal path
  • RoHS- and REACh-compliant
  • UL-recognized component (E349212)